Stefan Heinz writes:

So I had the idea to start a competition: send me the oldest or most beautiful or most excotic [sic] Lotus related mousepad you find in your house (want to take this opportunity to clean up?  - don't forget to look for the mousepads though).

Since I'm only around Notes for the last 11 years, I'd like to invite some of the 'old' (sorry) folks to serve me as the jury - if you would please send me an email (sheinz at

So everyone, send me either pictures or scanned mousepads.
My colleague Jörg Knippschild sent in a photo of a mousepad that the Lotus sales team received in 1997 to motivate us.... an image of the 1998 "Achiever's Club" destination for top sales performers.  I've still never been to Bermuda... :(

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