I think one of the most exciting features of the Notes/Domino 8.5.2 release is the new managed replicas option, and I ended up talking about this quite a bit in my travels the last few days.

Over the last few years, marketplace "best practice" has become for Lotus Notes users to operate their email off a local replica of their mailbox.  This is generally faster/better-performing than server-based mail access.  For Notes 8.5.2, we undertook some effort to make managing that local mailbox replica easier for the administrator and more automated.  Here's the summary from the 8.5.2 documentation:

When you create or convert an existing local replica to a managed replica in Notes, or your Domino administrator sets it for you via a policy, Notes creates a local mail replica and marks it as a managed replica. The next time you open Mail, you'll be using the managed replica, which will remain synched with the server copy without your doing anything.

A managed replica differs from a local replica in the following ways:
        •        It is created in the background while the user continues to use the server copy.
        •        The managed replica can be limited to the last N days of mail/calendar entries if local space is a consideration.
        •        Initial creation of a managed replica is controlled to minimize impact to server of multiple users/clients creating managed replicas.
        •        After creation, the user is automatically switched to the managed replica.
        •        If the managed replica needs to be fixed up, the fixup will occur in the background and the user will be redirected to their server copy.
        •        If the managed replica becomes corrupt, it will be deleted and recreated.
        •        To speed up initial creation of the managed replica, documents beyond 30 days are initially truncated bringing down part of the document and omitting attachments.
        •        New mail polling and notification is performed against the server copy.

This morning I received my first fan mail on the topic, from Christopher Gleeson at the University of Maryland business school:
I've just finished upgrading my main mail clusters to 8.5.2 specifically so I could test managed mail replicas 'in the wild' (using dynamic policies - another great feature add from a while back). I have to take my hat off to whichever team of engineers put together this solution. Although most of the technology already existed in Notes, the way they have combined them into a cohesive feature is outstanding. It works, exactly as described, seamlessly and with less than 20 seconds of administration time (note that this does not including the time spent reading and researching to make sure that something this useful was as good as it seems!).

I have nearly completed our client 8.5.1 roll-out but the way that the managed replica feature works means I'm going to implement my fastest client upgrade yet as I can think of no drawbacks to using managed replicas when the setup and usage is so seamless.

As an administrator, I think that I'd say this one manages to out-do even the ID vault.. congratulations on a great release. You just made my job a lot easier!
Can't really get any stronger than that.  Thanks for the great feedback!

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