Perhaps inspired by last night's cigar-smoking buzz (was that really me?), here are ten memories from days gone by.  Have your own to add?

Do you remember when....

  • ...IP addresses had to be assigned manually?
  • ...gopher was supposed to revolutionize the Internet?
  • (now at was the best download site on the Internet?
  • ...@BITNET was the way to e-mail someone at another college?
  • ....9600 HST modems were so cool?
  • ... YModem's 1K packets beat the snot out of XModem's 128 byte packets?
  • ...C:\> WIN was the way to start Windows 3?
  • ... .PAK was a typical archive format?
  • ... "Bankshot routing" was the miraculous way to e-mail more than 200 people?
  • ...chkstat diagnostics /m /r was the stuff weekends were made of?

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