The Notes/Domino 8 salestalk we had on Tuesday was one of the most popular internal enablement calls ever for Lotus software.  We also had dozens of business partners on the line, and I know I'll be talking to more partners on Thursday's "Think Thursdays" call in just a few hours.  At any rate, many of the questions on the launch call were about the new entitlements in Notes/Domino 8.

My colleagues in product marketing have created a reference page for all the license entitlements in the new Lotus Notes and Domino release.  The one that seems to be getting the most attention so far is the 20-user license pack for WebSphere Portal entitlement for each Domino CPU (technically, each 100 processor value units) on maintenance in your environment.

The idea behind this entitlement is that as great as Notes 8 is for composite applications, there are times when you might want to go web-based rather than rich-client-based in building those apps.  It's great that Notes now has a way to couple NSF-based apps to other web services, but what about the customer/partner/supplier you want to bring into that equation.  Well, WebSphere Portal does mashups really well, too, so this entitlement gives your organization a way to start working with Portal to extend the reach of those new applications even further.

Now before anyone gets too excited here, remember that this entitlement is a completely optional, use it if you want way to access the WebSphere Portal technology.  Nothing in Notes/Domino 8 requires you to include WebSphere Portal in your plans.  Options and choice, however, are only good things.

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