The Domino team blog features a new article with some long-sought details about the new features in Domino 8:

Today, we start a series of reports on some of the new features of Domino 8 to whet your appetite to learn more (plug - to get you all to come to Lotusphere). We'll begin with an overview of what's new in Domino 8.
As you may have heard us discuss in the past, we plan our major Lotus Notes and Domino development investments to alternate between client and server. Domino was the major focus in the 7.0 release and Lotus Notes client (Hannover) is where much of our effort has gone in 8.0. However, there are still some fairly significant improvements in Domino 8 to complement Lotus Notes 8. (As an aside, if you follow our cycles of investment you could easily imagine that we have already started planning the next major Domino release beyond Domino 8!!)
and that imagination would be accurate...

Anyway, go read what's new in the 2007 release of Domino.

Link: Domino Blog: Domino 8 - What's new >

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