When I was in Spain last fall for the ESLUG event, I met Alejandro and the team from Dominoplus. They were excited to show me their "D+ Everywhere" application, which uses XPages to deliver offline mobile applications over HTML5. Now they have commercialized the solution, so I can highlight it more broadly:

Domino+ has developed a solution based on Lotus Domino, xPages, HTML5 and jQuery Mobile which allows Lotus Domino xPages applications to be used off-line when there's no data connection. It works in mobile devices which support HTML5 like modern Tablets and Smart phones.

The technology has been successfully used in an application for order processing at a client site in Madrid, allowing orders to be placed on site even if there was no data connection. The data is saved locally on the device and is synchronized with the server once a data connection has been established.

Our current version stores the data in the Local Storage and uses jQuery Mobile, but we can also use a local database like SQLite and Dojo Mobile instead of jQuery Mobile.
As their website says, a great solution to go with IBM XWork Server...and land right into organizations that have no experience with Domino but are looking for mobile application solutions.

Link: Dominoplus.es: D+ Everywhere (in English) >

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