Nigel Cheshire sums up the folly of Microsoft's migration efforts in one simple paragraph:

If you are considering a migration from Lotus Notes/Domino to Microsoft, I want you to think about a few things before making the leap. The development languages don't mesh, the document store is different, and the general working environments are quite different as well. If anything, Microsoft's new application analyzer will tell you how difficult it will be to migrate from Lotus Notes/Domino to a Microsoft solution.
and he has taken a look at what Microsoft is really offering:
Microsoft provides no software to help businesses migrate away from their customized Notes/Domino applications, which is at the heart of what the Notes/Domino platform is all about. To reproduce a typical Notes/Domino application's feature set on the Microsoft platform would involve a total rewrite -- a truly expensive proposition. Customers need to fully investigate the effort involved before they sign up for this proposition.
This is the fallacy of Microsoft's "Notes Compete" effort.  Migrate mail?  Yeah, that's possible, in either direction.  We've seen companies go to Exchange, we've seen companies go to Domino.  But the apps?  Notes and Domino offer a unique technology toolset that hasn't been duplicated, by Microsoft or anyone else. That's why Paul Mooney saw that none of his company's apps could be migrated.  That's why the beta tool has been pulled off the Microsoft website.  And that's why these conversations are only even possible with a political agenda -- anyone looking at it objectively wouldn't ever bother.

Link: DominoPower: Migration to Microsoft: Look before you leap >

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