DominoPower Editor-in-Chief David Gewirtz examines, at length, what happened with the editorial they published last week ... along with the aftermath...

It's always been my belief, reflected in our editorial policy, that a community that can talk out it's tough issues is a stronger community.

And that's why we ran Ron Herardian's article last week. We knew it'd touch on some raw nerves, especially in a tough economy, but we also know the Lotus market is strong and can take some criticism. Many of our advertisers are doing better than they've ever done -- hmmm, perhaps that's because they're adverting in DominoPower -- and many of the Lotus aftermarket suppliers tell me that even though the overall economy's down, their Lotus business is quite good.

Had the sturm und drang been limited to the publishing of Herardian's article last week, I wouldn't be writing this editorial and, most likely, the Lotus community wouldn't have exploded into a tropical storm of activity.
David, and his contributing editor Mick Moignard, examine in much greater detail how the community got drawn in on this, what the professional response should have been, and give Ron a chance to tell his side.

I discussed the article with David offline, and I'm cool with him and DominoPower.  The article says the rest of what needs to be said.

Link: DominoPower: Notes, Domino, and the indomitable spirit of the Lotus community >

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