As part of some recent housecleaning, I realized my old IBM Aptiva home computer from 2000 was gathering dust and could be put to better use.  One of the challenges with donating old computers, though, is figuring out where to donate it.  Lots of options -- schools, park districts, religious institutions, non-profits -- but who wants to spend hours making phone calls to see who will take it, where to drop off, what needs to be included?

IBM, of course, recognizes that this is a challenge with old IBM equipment.  As only IBM can do, it's on a page with the name "IBM Asset Recovery Solutions".  From here, I followed the link to the Rethink Initiative on eBay's site.  From that page, I chose the "Donate" option, leading to a choice of several charitable organizations accepting computer donations.  Of those, I ended up choosing to work with the National Cristina Foundation, whose website made the donation process easy and quick.  I hadn't even thought of my old digital camera, but that, too, was easy to donate.  I filled out their online form with all the information about my old equipment, and within one business day, they had matched me with an area church.  Someone from that church even offered to come by and pick up the computer/camera -- at my convenience.  Very very simple and straightfoward.

The reality is, I should have done this 18 months ago when I bought the new home machine.  So, my good deed for the day is to suggest you look at those footrests/doorstops/boat anchors sitting around your place, click on one of the above links, and let someone who can make good use out of your retired equipment do so.  Sorry for the US-centric links, but hopefully international readers will easily track down local equivalents.

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