Doug Heintzman is Director of Strategy, IBM Collaboration Solutions. Doug has been involved in IBM's strategy around document productivity and editing for the last several years. Earlier this week, on the IBM Software blog, Doug explained IBM's Document Strategy going forward:

The world is awash in unstructured data. Much, if not most of it, is in the form of documents, and their number and importance in creating value will increase quite dramatically in the next number of years. Most IT storage specialists, including those managing cloud resources, are planning for unstructured data to bypass structured data in terms of storage , sometime this year. More than that, the value of those documents is being magnified dramatically as multi-user, co-editing tools become available, as they are enriched with semantic, linked data capabilities, as they understand more and more of the social business context in which they are created, evolve, and can potentially be used, and because of the emergence of advanced text analytics, pattern analytics, and social analytics which allow deeper insights to be garnered, activities to be better prioritized, and decisions to be more efficiently and better informed. All of these things represent significant value to our customers and...well... we are in the business of delivering value to our customers.
Beyond that high level vision for the future, Doug specifically addresses the IBM contribution to Apache OpenOffice, why Apache, and how he sees the document editor community coming together in the future.

Link: Doug Heintzman: Symphony is alive and well and living at Apache >

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