A draft of this Redpaper is now available...

Smart Upgrade, introduced in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino version 6, allows organizations to upgrade Lotus Notes clients easily, without having to visit each workstation or configure each installation process. The new features of Smart Upgrade in Notes and Domino 7 provide even greater administrative control and flexibility over the upgrade process, by providing integration with proven Lotus Notes and Domino technologies: Policies to ensure upgrades are completed in a timely manner, Clustering for fail over, and mail-in database Tracking Reports to manage, track and troubleshoot the upgrade process.
This Redpaper provides the knowledge required for organizations to upgrade to Lotus Notes 7 using Smart Upgrade to automate the process. It also includes a special appendix on the upcoming Smart Upgrade "Run as Admin" Utility.
Link: Draft IBM redpaper: Understanding Lotus Notes SmartUpgrade > (Thanks, Rob)

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