Somehow I missed this one earlier this month....

Outlook Express is miserable and needs to be killed off. The question on my mind is how Microsoft could let this program fester like a gangrenous limb and not do anything about it.

The reason I started using Outlook Express was to analyze and evaluate various add-ins and other programs that stupidly chose to use it as their target program. I could have used Microsoft Outlook 2003, I suppose, but I find the major Outlook program cumbersome, hard to back up, hard to migrate, and awkward to use. So I chose Outlook Express thinking I'd get in and get out. Hah, the joke is on me.
Fascinating analysis from Dvorak.  One of the most common lines I hear from MS proponents about why they should use Outlook at work is that "everyone is used to Outlook Express at home, thus no training is required".  Obviously, that's not the case -- in fact, it appears that the OE experience may make things worse.
Link: PC Magazine/Dvorak: Kill Outlook Express today >

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