Tom Duff captures the essence of the Lotusphere session Libby Ingrassia and I delivered on "Selling Notes/Domino inside your organization":

There seem to be very few companies using Notes that don't also have a resident population of Notes-bashers. This may be a minor undercurrent of "I wish I could use Outlook" from a few people, or it may be an all-out full-court press of executives who are convinced that removing Notes and installing Exchange will solve all the world's woes. Regardless of where you fall in that range, you end up spending some amount of time defending Notes as an e-mail client and application platform. And if you're like many developers, you probably wish you didn't have to do that, because it's really not your job to sell or hype Notes in your organization. You just want to build cool applications! ...

Granted, this type of "marketing" might be hard for you, or you may absolutly hate it. But it really doesn't matter. Others are out there influencing people who will affect your job and livelihood. It's up to you to make an effort to be part of that influencers group. And the first time a former Notes-basher mentions some cool thing they did in Notes yesterday, you'll realize you've made a difference and it's all worth it.
Success stories, anyone?  Tom and I discussed offline how one of the executives in his organization "almost cried" when that person learned of a project completed on Notes/Domino in a timespan of less than six weeks, and how that converted this person to a Notes supporter.  Clearly, there are other, similar stories, I see them all the time.  How about you?
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