I spent some time since returning home last night looking at some of the early feedback on Notes/Domino 8.0.1.  In addition to 70+ comments here, bloggers have been covering some of their initial reactions.  They include:

I noticed several comments about the Lotus Notes Traveler registration process here and elsewhere.  As mentioned last week, the separate registration process is required for user tracking (something that can't otherwise be done with a no-cost component).  There have been hundreds of registrations already, with download keys on their way to most registrants.  One good question that was raised is, how do business partners get access to Traveler for use in demonstrations and proof-of-concept kind of situations (as opposed to internal use).  I have raised that question a couple of times this morning, and am expecting an answer by end-of-day tomorrow.

Great to see the excitement -- I'm looking for Notes/Domino 8 deployment references, so if you're happily rolling out the new release, and can be considered for either an IBM internal or a public reference, let me know.

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