Well, duh....I'm going to Disneyland!!!

(For those who don't get the reference, see here)


With a four-and-a-half hour layover here in Hong Kong, sitting in the airport didn't sound like much of a treat.  Having done some homework in advance, I knew that the new Hong Kong Disneyland was only 15 minutes away.  Thus, after straightening out my lost ticket, I grabbed a taxi and sprinted for the main gate.  It's quite a bit smaller in scale than Orlando or Anaheim, but it's definitely Disney.


For sure, it's also substantially less crowded.  I was able to go on Space Mountain continuously, with no waiting as a single rider.  Even the regular line was only ten minutes.  Good thing, too, since 90% of the rides in the park today are geared towards children.  There's no auto race (yet), no haunted house, no Pirates of the Caribbean, not even a Tiki-Tiki Room.  You'll never see Main Street USA completely empty in Orlando, or the (substantially smaller) Cinderella's Castle without a crowd.


I wasn't able to stay for the parade, but I was happy with the stress relief.  Now, time to settle in for the fourteen+ hour journey back to Chicago.  See you tomorrow!

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