Announced today:

Effective on the [U.S.-formatted] dates listed below, IBM will withdraw support from the following product releases licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement:
5724-E70  6.5.[x]         4/30/09     IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
55724-E89  6.5.[x]        4/30/09     IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator
So, this means that 6.5.6 is the last maintenance release for the 6.5 codestream.  Mainstream technical support for Notes/Domino 6.5.x (as well as LEI 6.5.x) will end on April 30, 2009.  Support extensions are available for up to two years following that date (through April, 2011).

The end of support for Notes/Domino 6.5.x announcement comes with a very long runway before the actual termination date.  We agreed to this in recognition of the longer-term planning that many Notes/Domino customers do.  18 months seems like the right timeline for that planning, instead of the typical/minimum 12 month window.

In April, 2009, IBM expects to be actively supporting Notes/Domino 7, Notes/Domino 8, and Notes/Domino "next" (sometimes being referred to as an 8.5 release).  A period in early 2009 is anticipated as having four different feature releases in active support.  This is a pretty significant commitment to support, especially since that profile will continue in terms of support extensions for a couple of years after that.

A lot of thought went into today's announcement.  The Notes/Domino 6.x codestream first shipped in September, 2002... meaning that this codestream will have been actively in market for almost seven years.  I am confident that making the announcement now will only help with long-term planning for Notes/Domino customers.

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