Effective April 7, 2005, Penton Media has ceased publication of the e-Pro Web site, including the Lotus Informer Blog and related e-mail newsletters. Clippings, our joint project with IBM/Lotus, is currently not affected by this decision. From Domino Pro to Group Computing to e-Pro Magazine, we have been a part of the Lotus/Domino community for more than six years and have shared your passion for the technology. We wish you much success! We will keep this site up and the archives open for your use through April 30, 2005.
Disappointed to see the end of e-Pro.  I know we've talked about this before, but in the era of blogging, rich content on developerWorks:Lotus, and on-demand webinars, it's a real challenge to provide differentiated content into the market.  Talented and insightful writers help a lot, but ultimately the model didn't, for whatever reason.  My public thanks to Wayne, Libby, Tom, Chris, Turtle, AskBen, Rita-Lyn, Jill, Jim, James, and everyone else for their professional, high-quality efforts over the years.  Your contribution will be missed.

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