I've just discovered that I won't have live Internet access during the keynote of today's Lotus Collaboration Summit.  So, I'm drafting wifi now, before our guests arrive, to give some updates.

There are a half-dozen new announcements this morning, with Symphony already out and in the press.  I'll update the others post-keynote.

One interesting thing I just learned is that today, all of the advertising on cnn.com (at least for the US edition) is advertising for Lotus Notes 8.

Image:End-user Notes 8 advertising on cnn.com today

Remember that this advertising is specifically targeted at end-users.  It's a very different approach -- no blue block, no "special" message, nothing about taking back control.  The click-through directs you to a "unify and simplify" section of the IBM website.

Image:End-user Notes 8 advertising on cnn.com today

I'll write more in a few hours...now, on with the show...

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