This morning, I wish I had been at Enterprise 2.0.  One of the first sessions, moderated by Burton Group's Mike Gotta, was a battle between IBM Lotus Connections and Microsoft SharePoint.  By reading the blog reports, session back-channel, and twitter, it's become apparent -- Heidi Votaw and Suzanne Minassian won the contest!  Some blog and twitter quotes:

Microsoft lost audience during their presentation, which is a shame. SharePoint is powerful, but like a lot of other products from the company, it's heavy-lifting and will be hard for regular, non-technical users to adopt without massive customisation by skilled technical implementers. I have no doubt that Connections is no different, but it didn't feel that way.

IBM, of course, is pushing Lotus Connections. Microsoft, is trying very hard to push Sharepoint, their document-centric solution. (they still don't get that social software applications should be person-centric...oh well!)

trib: #e20 MS failing dismally at showing off Sharepoint collab tools. IBM totally ate their lunch.

[The back channel is getting very punchy and hungry. Lots a metaphors about what a lunch from Microsoft would be: Two slices of bread and you got to our partners to get filling and condiments.]
Great job, team Lotus!  Looking forward to my day at #E20 on Wednesday....

Update: Mac Guidera has also picked this up

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