Today, April 24, has been designated the "Enterprise RSS Day of Action".  This effort was championed by James Dellow, a frequent commentator on the use of Web 2.0 and collaboration technologies in the context of improving buisness.

The goal of this day of action is to raise awareness of RSS's potential benefits within your organization.  I worry slightly about focusing on the protocol itself versus the content and delivery approach, but we can use this to move beyond RSS as a buzzword towards solution-oriented value.

Lotus Notes and Domino customers can benefit from RSS both at the server (RSS template shipped in 7.0.2) and in the client (starting with Notes 8).  John Roling's most recent article for Intranet Journal is entitled, "Utilizing RSS in your Lotus Intranet", which seems quite timely considering today's focus. John writes:

I use RSS every day to subscribe to nearly 300 different blogs and news sites. I would never be able to keep up with that much information if I had to visit every site individually. You'll find that your end-users might feel the same way about your intranet.  There's a lot of information for them, but they don't have time to go and get it all.

Well now they don't have to. Set up some RSS feeds in your organization and you can have all the information come to them. It's extremely useful to your end users, and once again, you can be the hero.
There are many great blog postings and entries in the Entrprise RSS Day of Action wiki.  Newsgator even created a widget to keep an eye on the all the content relevant to the effort:

Check out all the content, and congratulations to James Dellow for successfully leading a very useful community effort!

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