Entwicklercamp debrief

February 22 2005

Just a quick update on the close of today's Entwicklercamp event.  My two presentations were today, including a Workplace strategy update and a Notes/Domino 7 overview.  The Notes/Domino 7 session was the more interesting (for me) of the two, since there was some level of audience interaction there.  I learned that nobody in the room is using Smart Upgrade for deploying Notes client updates -- yet most of them were on 6.5.  I need to find out more about this.  A number of conceptual questions about the NSFDB2 support, some questions about Linux (of course), and a few on Notes/Workplace integration.  Overall, a useful 75 minutes.  

I'd like to thank and congratulate Rudi, Berfried, Jens, Florian, and all the others who organized this event and made me feel welcome here.  It was a good couple of days.  It should also be noted that I had breakfast with Gary Devendorf and neither of us imploded -- remember, this competitive stuff is our professional lives.  It was good to talk about some old Lotus people, Seattle living, Chicago airports, and of course, German sightseeing.  I also ran into Ben Langhinrichs and his son in the parking lot taking pictures; it seemed only fair for me to take a picture of them. (The other picture is the "lobby" of The Depot, this conference's venue).

Image:Entwicklercamp debrief Image:Entwicklercamp debrief
Tomorrow morning, it's off to Munich for Edcom's Lotusphere Nachlese.  This is going to be a special five days.  My father is meeting me at MUC in the morning, coming in from Chicago.  He and I have not travelled together (just the two of us) ever before, and he's never been to Germany (while this is my thirteenth visit).  It will be interesting, as it has with others before, to experience this country through fresh eyes.

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