Two different bloggers, two different thoughts, but a similar notion...that selling the benefits of Notes & Domino is actually pretty easy when you get off defense and show what the product can do.

First, Eric Mack: How to save a Lotus Notes customer:

I told  them that I thought they should switch away from Notes. I offered to help them make a shopping list of what they would need to purchase to match their current capabilities.

Half way through helping them with the shopping list, someone said, "But our [Lotus Notes system] already does all of that."

Precisely. ...

They decided to stay with Notes and learn more about what they are not currently doing with Notes.
Julian was essentially on the same thought earlier this week...
Julian Robichaux, Lotus Notes - Yeah, It Can Do That Too:
I've been thinking that one of the problems with "selling" Notes inside an organization (elevator pitches, discussing with management, etc.) is that the product does so much that it's hard to give a good one-line, sound bite description of it. In fact, it's quite impossible. ...

So I figured that the best thing might be to embrace the diversity of the Notes platform, rather than try to boil it down somehow. And that's what I came up with: "Lotus Notes - yeah, it can do that too".
Julian's thought was so good, I shared it with a marketing consultant currently doing some work with us at Lotus as a way to sum up both the opportunity and challenge that is the Notes marketplace.  Check Julian's blog for links to other bloggers who agree that this simple-but-powerful statement resonates, including my colleague/evil twin Mr. Lepofsky.  Hey Julian, now that my long-time co-presenter has moved on, any interest in a little Lotusphere gig called "How to 'sell' Notes/Domino inside your organization"?

I know readers here and elsewhere have recently had lengthy discussions about the need for more sample Notes applications, more Notes marketing, more Notes everything...but sometimes the obvious works just as well, too.  These guys get it.

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