Eric Mack is conducting an interesting survey...I had not thought about the extent to which mobile devices were being "controlled" or not controlled.  In the era of consumerization, I know many IT shops are grappling with how much or how little to secure data, encrypt connections, manage what's deployed, etc.  

With all that in mind, Eric asks:

With the recent discussions about Apps and how consumers want the freedom to find, evaluate, and purchase Apps for their Smartphones, I wonder how many users are able download and use a productivity application and how many have policies that prevent them from doing so.

If you found a productivity application for your mobile device that was proven to increase your performance, would you: a) be allowed to install it? b) encounter resistance (or refusal) from IT to allow you to install it? c) make a business case to management for why this App should be allowed?
Please vote in his poll.  Click through...

Link: Eric Mack: Does your employer allow you to use productivity Apps on your Blackberry, iPhone or Android? >

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