Eric Mack has an excellent question, and it's the basis for so many of the Lotus community discussions in the last few weeks:

David asked me what percentage of Lotus Notes I thought people who use Notes really "get." I proposed 20%. David said that in his experience it was less than 10%. I hope we are both wrong. Either number, if true, represents a missed opportunity. We had some interesting discussions on the topic of Lotus Notes as a powerful tool for organizational productivity and why David and I think it's cool. I have to admit that as we discussed other general geek productivity topics, such as "how do you sync your projects and actions between multiple computers?" or "do you use unified messaging?" I couldn't resist the temptation to hold up one of Merlin's 3x5 cards, upon which I'd quickly written ... "USE NOTES!"
Clearly this isn't a problem unique to Notes -- it's a problem with the 80/20 rule in software in general.  Some Notes shops leverage the heck out of it and run tons of mission-critical apps....others use it as e-mail and calendaring, and an occasional discussion or document library.  The Lotus Domino Solutions Catalog and Lotus success stories are designed to increase the visibility of how companies do more with Notes, but I suspect these resources are underutilized.  Aside from the ongoing applications-in-the-box, and the ever-popular "more advertising", I'm open to suggestion for other ways to help more people "get" Notes.

Link: Eric Mack: GeekTD: Why don't people get Notes? >

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