I've written a few times before about David Allen and the book Getting Things Done.  More recently, if you've been reading my colleague Chris Blatnick's blog, you know that Chris was recently at the GTD Summit, learning more about how the world works and can work more effectively.  A big part of my awareness here comes from IBM Lotus business partner Eric Mack, who has a Notes application called eProductivity which implements the GTD methodology.  

Eric's presence at the GTD Summit introduced (or reintroduced) some people to Lotus Notes.  He covered his experience on his blog, realizing how much opportunity there was to shape or reshape opinions.

With at least one attendee, Eric was beyond successful.  Look at these tweets:

Image:Eric Mack has made a Notes convert through GTD and eProductivity

That's quite a testimonial.

All of the interest in applications like eProductivity is helping me see what a potential use case would be for a single user Lotus Notes kind of environment.  Can't say what we might or might not be able to do there, but it is something I'm actively looking at.

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