A heck of a testimonial to investment protection. Eric's Domino server has been on the same piece of hardware so long, the product used to be called "Notes server" :

What is remarkable is that this server has been running almost 24x7 for 11 years!  I built this Windows NT server as our primary Domino mail & replication server in 1995 to replace our aging OS/2 Notes Server. The new machine had a very fast Pentium 133 MHZ Processor and 128 megabytes of RAM with a pair of 8 Gigabyte SCSI drives in a mirrored software RAID configuration. ...

This has got to be the best ROI that I've ever received from a piece of computing equipment
That rocks!

Eric then wonders, "Do you have a similar story to tell?"  Let him know.  I'll be watching...

Link: Eric Mack: Notes (Domino) server retired, after 11 years >

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