Eric blogged last night about his disappointment that his online emeetings provider, GoToWebinar, sends an "Add to your Outlook calendar" link in confirmation emails.

Unfortunately, the Outlook calendar event link is created and included in the event confirmation automatically. We have no control over it. Still, it's a reasonable question. I'd like to see a link for Notes users or, better still, just a generic calendar event link that any calendar app can understand.
I agree, that sucks.  But the question I asked Eric in comments was, have you tried the link?  I bet it work with Notes, too.

And I was right.  The link is to an .ICS (iCalendar) file, and Notes 8.x supports these just fine.  It works great with our partners like TripIt, and of course when cross-calendaring outside your Notes environment.

Eric quickly posted another blog entry that "It's easy to open .ICS files in Lotus Notes 8.5x".  Win.

Except it isn't.  Eric's chosen vendor could use some enlightenment.  To carry a theme asked at and after Lotusphere of what you can do to help Notes in the market, when you encounter such links that claim to "add to Outlook", try them out with Notes -- they'll usually work.  If they work, contact the vendors who are advertising Outlook links and ask them to change their wording to "add to my calendar".  The reality is the iCalendar format is supported by several vendors, so while it would be great to ask for Notes by name, at least we can un-list the other guys by name.  Your vendors will listen to you as paying customers more than they will listen to me as the producer of Lotus Notes.  We do what we can from the IBM side, but if enough end-customers speak up, sites will change.  I've seen it happen.

Link: Eric Mack: This is embarrassing: Add to your Outlook Calendar >
Link: Eric Mack: It's easy to open .ICS files in Lotus Notes 8.5x >

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