eWeek reviews the Lotus Notes on Linux client, as well as the Nitix small business server offering that includes Lotus Domino.

IBM Lotus Notes on Linux delivers the key functionality, security, replication and rich message content found on the Windows and Mac OS Notes clients.

Users will likely appreciate the Notes on Linux client the most for its ability to bring e-mail and calendars offline through Notes replication, but the client also supports access to the thousands of database-driven applications available for Notes.

During tests, we liked the overall experience that IBM Lotus Notes on Linux provided: The client supports common Notes elements, such as the Workspace, the use of bookmarks to manage and distribute links to applications, and the customizable Welcome page.
The review then covers the Nitix with Lotus Domino offering:
For a low cost, Nitix with Lotus Domino bundles features and functionality that give small businesses a good start at deploying an easy-to-manage IT infrastructure, from networking to backup to e-mail and collaboration.

One thing that makes Nitix with Lotus Domino so cost-effective is the fact that it installs IBM's Domino Express, which is geared toward companies with 1,000 or fewer employees.

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