Reaction among some competitors to Exchange 12 beta 1 announcement...

Tim Bray, a Sun Web technologist and the co-inventor of XML, told eWEEK that while some of Microsoft's software was excellent, "I cannot say that Exchange falls into that category," whether from a technical engineering or feature-set perspective.
whoa. ;)

Several comments about Microsoft's long-forgotten plan to port Exchange to SQL, circa 2003, with a new spin:
"A lot of the original advantages that we were going to get from going to a SQL-type store we already have in Exchange now. While this was very attractive five years ago, the bar has been set higher today, as we will have 64-bit in Exchange 12, we will have better failover and disaster recovery and we have a Web services API," he said.
Huh?  I'm sure I can find a few quotes about the benefits Exchange expected from a SQL base.  Also, why did SharePoint move away from the Exchange store architecture so quickly?  Julie Farris of Scalix offers her perspective:
The Exchange message store, based on the Jet database, is prone to corruptions and is difficult to manage and maintain, she said, adding, "This is a long-standing, known problem, and plans to replace the Exchange message store have been iteratively postponed."

At the same time, Exchange upgrades have come to mean a perpetual rearchitecture of customers' e-mail environments, she said.
Link: eWeek: Exchange 12 has competitors, execs insist > (via Peter O'Kelly)

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