eWeek comments on the Lotus performance during Q1....

IBM quietly promoted Lotus Software Group General Manager Mike Rhodin two weeks before his division reported a 17 percent year-over-year increase in first-quarter earnings April 16.  ...

Ovum Research analyst Steve Hodgkinson wrote April 3 that since Rhodin took the helm in 2005, Lotus has sported 13 (14, as of April 16) consecutive quarters of growth in a multibillion-dollar market for workplace collaboration software.
The Lotus Notes and Domino customer base rose from 118 million to 140 million, while the Lotus Sametime instant messaging and Web conferencing client grew from 13 million to 100 million users.
"Rhodin has put in a good stint at the Lotus Software Group, presiding over a significant turnaround in the fortunes of what was an ailing brand when he took over in 2005," Hodgkinson wrote.
"Lotus was muddling along sideways (and downwards in the eyes of many users--even Lotus fans) in the early part of the millennium and suffering under the confusing IBM Workplace positioning and the long-awaited refresh of the core Notes platform."
The article then goes on to speculate about which Lotus products contributed to the growth during Q1.  I am not authorized to discuss specifics of IBM financials publicly.  Thus, all I can say is, the Lotus Notes business is having a very good run in 2008.

One other interesting point of IBM earnings was that 65% of IBM's overall Q1 revenue came from outside of North America.  The Notes business trended similarly, with Europe being especially strong right now

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