eWeek covered an IBM announcement made by Kevin Cavanaugh yesterday at Lotusphere Comes to You in South Africa:

IBM, Canonical and Simmtronics Semiconductors have teamed up to deliver a netbook for emerging markets that features IBM cloud services and software for $190.

The Simmbook will be available first in emerging markets such as South Africa, IBM said March 25. "The Simmbook is preloaded with IBM Client for Smart Work, which includes IBM Lotus Symphony, access to IBM LotusLive cloud collaboration services, and [a] choice of adding other IBM Lotus collaboration software like Lotus Notes and Lotus Sametime," the company said.

The Simmbook is designed for mobile computing. "IBM Client for Smart Work is IBM and Canonical's complete desktop package that's open, easy to use and offers a security-rich alternative to costly, proprietary PC software, such as Microsoft Windows," IBM said. "It can help lower costs by up to 50 percent of a typical Microsoft PC."
This announcement continues momentum around IBM Lotus and Canonical Ubuntu going into new markets with low-cost devices and the IBM Client for Smart Work footprint.

Link: eWeek: IBM Partners' $190 Netbook Comes Cloud-Ready >

(Update: If you want to see Kevin Cavanaugh on South African TV related to this announcement, click here for the video from e news channel)

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