Good article featuring an interview with IBM VP Sean Poulley, positioning the Lotus spectrum of collaboration offerings:

Looking forward, Poulley said IBM will ramp up its investments in cloud computing in 2010 and beyond, including acquisitions, new research and development and product delivery. Moreover, much like Microsoft's software-plus-services strategy of mixing SAAS with on-premise solutions, IBM also believes in a hybrid world.
"There are trillions of dollars in invested capital in applications and infrastructure and companies aren't going to throw all of that stuff away," Poulley said. "One of the big things that's going to happen in the next year is this whole idea of hybrid, on-premise and cloud integration. I think of it in terms of extending the enterprise perimeter to the cloud."

In 2010, IBM will use the cloud to create simple business processes across company firewalls. Though Poulley declined to provide specific details about this effort, he said people will hear more beginning one month from today at IBM's Lotusphere 2010. "That is going to unlock the enterprise's hesitancy to move to the cloud at a much greater pace."

Link: eWeek: IBM Preps For Cloud Computing War Vs. Google, Microsoft in 2010 >

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