eWeek publishes the first comprehensive lab review of Notes/Domino 7 and concludes, "With Version 7 of the Lotus Domino server and Notes client, IBM continues to provide the richest integrated collaborative environment available today."  Some good quotes:

Most of the major improvements in this release of Lotus Notes and Domino affect administrators and developers. However, IBM has made a number of improvements for end users as well, making Version 7 an excellent upgrade for existing Notes and Domino shops.

For companies looking for a messaging solution, Notes and Domino is the most flexible one available. Not only does Domino run on a wide range of operating systems and server hardware, but it also provides a platform for delivering database-driven applications, e-mail and group calendaring, scheduling, and instant messaging.
Some of the key improvements are highlighted:
Domino is now less costly to manage because of improvements IBM has made to the server's unified, domainwide administration and policy-based management, as well as to the Notes client's remote update capability.  ...

While most Web mail interfaces are still progressing from a tool of convenience to something that could be used all the time, Domino Web Access includes the kind of core functionality and convenience features that make it a very usable client. For example, we could import holiday lists, create stationery, and bring e-mail and calendar information offline.
With three "excellent" and two "good" scores, this is a positive endorsement of the latest and greatest.

Link: eWeek: IBM's Lotus Notes/Domino 7 >

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