Michael Vizard, editorial director of Ziff Davis Enterprise, tells it like it is:

Within the land of IT, nothing is a bigger pain to own, manage and run than Microsoft Exchange. Everywhere you go customers have horror stories about the installation, maintenance and, above all, uptime of their Microsoft Exchange implementations. And worse yet, they will all tell you they are paying top dollar for the privilege because the expertise needed to successfully run a Microsoft Exchange server is some of the most expensive in the IT labor pool.
Wow, that surely blows away some supposed truisms in the Microsoft world -- I hear all the time how plentiful and inexpensive Exchange talent is compared to Notes/Domino.

That one paragraph could be a complete "boss loves Microsoft" pitch.  "Thank you very much, I'll be here all week!"

Link: eWeek Strategic Partner: Exchange Equals Profits > (Thanks, Keith)

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