Carl pointed to Microsoft's announcement of Exchange 2010 beta:

Exchange 2010 will help organizations reduce costs, protect communications and delight e-mail users with capabilities to do the following:
* Lower costs with more flexible deployment and management options.
* Protect information and meet compliance requirements with the new e-mail archive.
* Improve user productivity with the ultimate inbox experience.
Is that it?  With a product ship later this year, they can't at this point enumerate the key benefits of the new release?  eWeek's coverage mentions a few of those user productivity enhancements, most of which are borrowed from our work in Notes 8 or Google's in gmail.  

I realize the back-end changes are probably more significant than described in the release and coverage, and I've read about Live@EDU and what MS is doing with the hosted approach.

But I can't help but be left with an "is that it" feeling in reading all the coverage of the Exchange 2010 beta.  Microsoft has made small, incremental improvements in Exchange over the last nine years.  The addition of unified messaging has impressed almost no one... I don't see case studies nor hear customers saying that they chose Exchange 2007 for those features in the first place.  Which means, customers have been paying nine years of software assurance for what exactly?

Link: Microsoft Unveils Exchange 2010 With Public Beta >

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