My goodness, Fake Steve Jobs, aka Dan Lyons, can't relate to people having fun at a conference:

Meanwhile, in the "Definition of Sad" category, check this out -- some marketing f*ckwit from Lotus is live blogging the Lotus conference. Big news like this:

   7:52 AM A shoutout to Colleen Campbell, Lotus Marketing program director, sitting next to me here in the second row while Sandra Marcus is dancing in front of me! Is this a conference or a party?!?!
I know, right?!?! It's amazing!!!!????!?!?!?! It's not even 8 in the morning and we are rockin it!?!?! We r Lotus n we r 2 kewl!?!

What really saddens me, however, is the idea that somewhere out in some forlorn sad corner of the world someone is actually following this live blog and actually cares what Lotus announces and maybe even wishes he could be there in Orlando to experience the rock concert excitement in person.

To those people I say this: I will pray for your souls.
Dear Dan Lyons -- it's ten years later, and your "decline and fall" still hasn't happened.  Ready to write that retraction, yet? Or, maybe you need to update the "Attack of the blogs!"  Can I unleash the "sickos" to defend your name-calling, Dan?

Link: Fake Steve Jobs: Oxymoron of the Week >

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