After dinner last night, I took a few minutes to snapshot some of the reactions to yesterday's Notes/Domino 8.5.1 announcements from blogs and Twitter.  Here's what I shared with my team -- by no means is it a complete list.

  • Declaration of a national holiday in Spain by blogger Albert Buendia; "We're celebrating" in Catalan from Twitter user @montseriol
  • "Lotus Knows that Super.Human.Software is back. Go dust off your cape" -- Darren Duke
  • "Install it, use it, and take the time to get to know it." -- Andrew Pollack
  • "Don't wait. Plan your upgrade ASAP and enjoy the enhancements." -- Scott Hooks
  • "Lotus Knows that Notes licensing just got much easier and more valuable with only 2 CAL versions" -- Handly Cameron
  • "Excellent. IBM releases Domino 8.5.1 Domino Designer is now FREEEEEE!" -- @smithkenny
  • "Awesome! Lotus Mobile Connect VPN Client license is now part of any notes user license. Finally one of Lotus finest products gets attention!" -- @mgarden
  • "IBM bringt Lotus Notes mit iPhone-Anbindung! und alle so Yeah!" (IBM introduces Lotus Notes with iPhone connection!  Yeah!) -- @sebbo2002
  • Other Twitter reactions: "Delighted to see that Domino Designer is now free - that is a recession-friendly price :-)"; "THIS IS AWESOME!!"; "Great news, nice move IBM!"
  • Customers asking "what time UTC will 8.5.1 ship on Monday?"
These great quotes are in addition to the fantastic ones in yesterday's press release from customers and business partners.  Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with us.

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