An overview of the remote/mobile access methods for "the three most popular e-mail products":

Microsoft's Exchange Server 2003 offers a wide variety of features and options that cater to organizations that use mostly Microsoft products. Novell and IBM support a wider range of client/server platforms with comparable features.

IBM Lotus Everyplace supports the most mobile devices. Exchange Server 2003 offers more out-of-the-box wireless capabilities than Lotus and GroupWise without needing to add products, and it integrates better with the Windows platform.

Coming up with the solution that works best for your agency or department requires a careful analysis of user needs and the existing infrastructure.

You might also want to consider third-party solutions that integrate with these e-mail systems. For example, a number of vendors offer voice-recognition products that allow users to access in-house e-mail messages via a standard telephone.

Such solutions, however, involve the purchase of hardware and software, and potentially add security risks.
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