Feel good about Notes!

November 2 2007

A few weeks ago, one of the Lotus sales representatives sent me a link (with permisson) to a cool set of PDFs created by a customer as part of their Notes 8 internal marketing.   Since I have preached for years that internal marketing is a critical element of successful Notes deployments, I was very excited to see what had been produced.

MediCorp's "Feel Good about Notes!" page includes three cheat sheets -- one for Notes basics, one for mail and calendaring, and one for Lotus Quickr. They also have been doing a monthly newsletter of "Feel good about Notes!" tips for their users.  Really cool stuff.

As indicated on the page, they are happy to share these materials with the community.  Hopefully their server is ready for the referrer...

Link: MediCorp's "Feel Good about Notes!" > (Thanks, Melinda)

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