My colleague Adam Gartenberg will be among the speakers next Wednesday, May 17, on a Ferris Research webinar.  Hosted by Ferris's Nick Shelness, the webinar is called, "Instant Messaging: New Developments in Presence and Real-Time Information Exchange".  The webinar starts at 11:30 AM EDT/4:30 PM GMT.

Join Nick Shelness, Senior Analyst, Ferris Research, and Independent Technology Consultant; Adam Gartenberg, Offering Manager Real-time Collaboration Offerings, IBM Lotus; and Joe Hildebrand, Chief Technology Officer, Jabber Inc., as they discuss new developments in presence and real-time information interchange systems, services and standards, plus a variety of problems that still require resolution.
I'll be at the closing session for DNUG/IBM Lotus Technical Forum at the time, so I won't be able to make it, but perhaps some of you will....
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