Fifth anniversary

December 11 2007

Yep, it's been five years of today.   A little over 3,000 posts, a little over 30,000 comments.  Not bad for something started on a whim as a hobby.

I'll save all the statistical analysis for the year-in-review posting in a few weeks.  For now, I want to thank all of you for reading and participating, for helping me learn and grow, for contributing to my success, allowing me to contribute to yours, and for the many friends and close associates that have made the human side of all this social networking a wonderful amazing application of technology.

A comment left here just yesterday really sums up why blogging has been such a great part of my job for these last sixty months.

"If anything, Ed and team have gone out of their way for a company our size."

-- Jim Casale, December 10
It is this kind of daily interaction, directly with the entire Lotus Notes marketplace, that makes the investment in blogging here worthwhile.  I connect with more customers, partners, and parts of the marketplace/ecosystem here than in any other way, and every bit of what I learn here helps me (and many of my colleagues) improve what we do every day, which in turn helps the overall market.  I am grateful to you all for sharing in this adventure.

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