A good discussion of the business value of instant messaging, which focuses on Lotus Sametime as a knowledge tool.  Note the prominence of Sametime in this story, further establishing IBM's market and mindshare leadership in this space.

Mike Rhodin, IBM's general manager for Workplace, Portal and Collaboration software, suggests that this all makes IM a useful part of a company's knowledge management strategy. The next version of IBM's Sametime suite, for example, will add social networking tools, helping build and manage communities of interest.

Such tools increase IM's role in knowledge-sharing: tools such as Sametime's SkillTap give employees access to each other's experience, allowing an individual to ask a group of specialists a question, without necessarily knowing who they are. Tying IM to a directory in this way gives staff access to a key corporate knowledge resource: each other.
Link: Financial Times: Glue that can help teams bond and gel >

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