Find me at Lotusphere 2011

January 21 2011

Only six days left before I leave for Lotusphere, and for once, my presentation is done way ahead of time!  (Well, ahead of time)  My schedule is filling up for the big role, unprecedented number of meeting requests.  Have had a great team of people helping me get ready, and I almost feel in the zone.

So, sessions and places for me:

  • Sunday, January 30 -- this is my wife Deborah's birthday, so in theory I should be stringing balloons and flowers all over the WDW Swan/Dolphin on the occasion.  Instead, I'll be at Lotusphere Business Development Day for much of the day, including sessions on Exceptional Work Experience, Cloud Collaboration, and competition.  Still planning to hit the welcome reception and Kimono's afterwards.
  • Monday, January 31 -- My main session of the week, INV105 - Messaging and Collaboration Strategy is on at 2:15 PM.  In this session, I'll provide an overview of what we've accomplished in this space in 2010, plans for 2011 and beyond, and feature profiles of a number of successful business partners and their solutions.  I'll also be hosting an event that is part of the Lotusphere blogger program, and attending receptions for press/analysts and for business partners.  For sure, a busy day.
  • Tuesday, February 1 -- Mostly a "back room" day, in briefings and meetings, but I will be the host of Lotusphere Idol auditions at 1:30 PM.  Many international parties Tuesday night, almost feel like I should bring my passport.
  • Wednesday, February 2 -- Entirely a "back room" day.  Wow.
  • Thursday, February 3 -- I'll introduce the winner of Lotusphere Idol at 10 AM, followed by the debut of Ask the Product Managers at 11:15 AM.  There has been a ton of discussion about this session on the blogs this week.  While I've reacted fairly defensively in some of those discussions, it is for good reason -- I want to make sure this session actually gets you answers, and that we stay focused on things that the product managers themselves are responsible for.  We've actually come up with a great format for the session, and I'm excited about the positive energy it will generate.  If that is the outcome of the hue and cry, then it was worth it.

About that "back room" stuff.  As has been my Lotusphere dance card for many years, I spend much of the week in individual meetings with various attendees: press, analysts, bloggers, customers, business partners.  There are more requests than there are hours in the day.  I wish I could take every meeting.  My own personal strategy for success at Lotusphere -- I prioritize customer meetings.  Partners -- love you all, key to our mutual success, but I can meet with a partner almost any time.  We meet at other events, we make time for each other in the other 51 weeks a year.  At Lotusphere, my team and I have unfettered access to get to those other audiences, so it's where I try to spend my time.  Having said that, I will for sure spend time in the product showcase -- I'm always looking for great new ideas.

Maybe I am getting in the zone.  I'm just trying to remember where my comfortable shoes are, and what time my Lotusphere haircut is scheduled for tomorrow.  See you in a week!

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