IBM has two interesting channel announcements out today.  

The first is the availability of the Notes/Domino 7.0.4 maintenance release.  This is what will likely be the final full maintenance release for the Notes/Domino 7.x code stream.  It adds support for a few additional platforms (RHEL 5.1/5.2, Firefox 3) and a couple of other features, but is mostly "expected maintenance updates."

The second is a simplification of IBM's rules around selling server software by processor, including the adoption of sub-capacity licensing for all IBM servers and the elimination of separate part numbers for sub-capacity licensing.  It also includes statement of direction for when various virtualization technologies will be supported by the IBM License Metric Tool.  This announcement is good news in that we previously had to generate separate part numbers to sell sub-capacity licensing and establish it on a per-product basis.

There is also the formal launch of LotusLive Engage coming up in an hour or so, so today looks like a pretty busy day overall.  My daughter is on spring break, though, so I've taken the day off to go explore Legoland Discovery Center with her.  I'll add a new entry later today when LotusLive Engage is up and running!

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