I have two Boston/NY trips coming up this month, and booked 'em both in the last couple of days.  Delta's move to simplify domestic fares is clearly having an impact.  Trips like these used to cost $700+, while both are now <$300.  I wonder how long this can last.

The other interesting observation is that I actually took a moment to see how many flights there are each day between Chicago and the New York metro area.  Just between Chicago O'Hare and LaGuardia/Newark/JFK, there are 58 nonstop flights a day (with only one of those actually going into JFK...something just seems a little odd about that).  Add in White Plains, Stewart Newbergh, Islip, and flights to Chicago Midway, and the total number of planes between the New York metro area and the Chicago metro area on a weekday is 90.  Wow.

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