As I've said a few times this week, and will say much more on Monday, references are a huge part of demonstrating the value of the Notes/Domino platform, specifically the collaborative application aspect of the toolset.  Most Notes customers run Notes mail and applications together, but it is the applications that are the compelling and unique aspect of how each of you deploys the product.

Business partner FoCul sent me a link to their new case study, featuring their engineering application for ABB:

The system allows ABB and their clients to work together capturing the asset information electronically so that it can be reviewed during multi disciplinary reviews. The system synchronises data from the different team members through Client-Server or Peer to Peer connections allowing individuals to work in a disconnected fashion on site but to then share their data across the whole team. This functionality also allows the information to be reviewed by specialist Engineers outside of the immediate project team.

As each item is reviewed different stage gates are passed in the workflow process. This locks the documents and allows the overall progress of the project to be tracked by a traffic light system.
I really like this story -- it speaks to an industry solution, that involves customers and supplier, and integrates with desktop productivity and reporting tools.  Nice work.

Link: FoCul: Case Study : The ABB pRIME Toolkit : Industrial Collaboration through Lotus Notes >

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