Yes, earlier today, TechTarget managed to send a fourth e-mail to SearchDomino subscribers advertising how a particular vendor can help you migrate off Lotus Notes to "modern platforms", claiming

migration off Lotus Notes applications improves ROI, speeds application deployment, and minimizes disruption to users - while preserving software investments.  
My e-mail to executive editor Christine Herbert bounced -- apparently, she is no longer with TechTarget.  My e-mail to site editor Matt Gervais drew a response, though.  Matt forwarded an e-mail from the TechTarget publisher, Jon Brown.  In the short e-mail, Jon apologizes for the mistake and indicates that it will be fixed in any "subsequent promotion" to "more accurately reflect the needs" of SearchDomino readers.

Unfortunately, that's what Christine said the last time.  Given that they are at least apologizing reactively to those who contact them about this, I wrote to Gervais and Brown, suggesting once again that they should be e-mailing that apology out to the entire mailing list that got the fourth offensive e-mail.  Eight hours later, no response to that.  I am disappointed that they seem to have an organizational impediment to doing the right thing, especially after promising to do exactly that the last time.

Oh, and if you thought by title that this blog post was going to be about a different topic going around the Lotus blogosphere today, I'm going to pass on that.  (Update: Ok, I couldn't pass, not when I saw the discussion on Nathan's site).  Sometimes we all are reminded of our humanity, emotion, and desire to be part of something that is "good", though these are not always shared beliefs in business.

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