IBM VP of business and technical strategy Kevin Cavanaugh writes in Forbes:

Documents today are no longer stand-still and no longer offer only one view. The old model doesn’t work for today’s social and always-connected business. Business communication has evolved to become more fluid, dynamic and collaborative and is now an integral part of business processes. And the concept of a document (whether that be text, spreadsheet, presentation or a hybrid approach) is still one of the critical outputs of many businesses.

The key is to help organizations break free of the outdated model, where the document is static, monolithic and tangential, to the more natural collaborative communication flow.
and what does he think you should do about it?
A three to five-year office productivity and desktop strategy is critical as document creation factors into every businesses larger collaboration strategy. The business tasks we face have not changed much in 100 years, but the pressures companies operate under are different. Sure, we still develop plans and strategies, make decisions, develop and manufacture products, sell the products and track our finances. But we do these tasks under more time pressure – and increasingly in a global context. The technologies we use are also evolving. Because of this, it’s important (and easy) to start exploring options and uncovering the value new technology offers to your business.
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