Just finished reviewing Forrester Research's report on the current trends in e-mail and messaging, based on more than 130 inquiries from their clients during 2008.  As with most analyst reports, it's copyrighted so I can't quote it here.  What I can say is that the topic of "vendor choice" is a low #3 on their list of inquiry topic, only one in six inquiries is about it -- which certainly flies in the face of the "everybody's moving" urgency marketing from my main competitor or that we sometimes hear from other analysts.  Top of the list is understanding cloud-based e-mail services, it's in a virtual tie with e-mail management best practices.

A useful report for understanding where the messaging market is at today.

Link: Forrester: Inquiry Spotlight: Corporate Email, Q1 2009 > (Forrester subscribers or available for purchase)

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