Forrester analyst Ted Shadler offers perspective on this week's announcement of Lotus Notes Hosted Messaging:

So who should look into IBM's new Notes Hosted Messaging service? At least these three groups:
1.        Existing Notes customers that want to move email for some employees into the cloud. This "domain splitting" solution lets you keep the high-intensity users on-premise and offload the low-intensity users to someone else.
2.        New customers looking to go with IBM and not Microsoft. IBM Lotus has many other collaboration products and plans to extend its cloud-based collaboration services way beyond email and calendaring. So get started with messaging and add instant messaging and other collaboration services as they come online down the road.
3.        Cash-constrained customers that want to move to the latest version of email. The two real advantages of cloud-based collaboration services are: 1) the pay-as-you-go pricing model, which keeps money in the bank and assets off the balance sheet; and 2) the offloading of administration and maintenance hassle that consumes so much of the IT budget.
Link: Forrester Research: IBM Lotus Gets Into The Hosted Email Game. Phew. >

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